Communicate visually – make your Video Conferences more effective and more social


Run a brainstorming for each Vicocard

  • with your team or
  • with yourself

and think of what can be enhances during your video conference.

Evaluation Grid

Apply the evaluation grid and arrange the Vicocards. Find out, what is important to your your team and discuss the impact for your video conferences.

Not beneficialVery beneficial
low efforthigh effort
low valuehigh value
Vicocards high low grid Hoch Tief Raster

Continious Improvements

Split up into two groups “Pain” and “Gain”. Share the Vicocards and arrange cards according the order of importance. Think of how your team could apply the solutions you found.

Top-Flop List

Not every Vicocard is being used regularly. So just get rid of it to reduce complexity on your desktop.

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