Keynote Merck Innovation Center - Jens Bothmer - März 2017

Keynote at Merck Innovators’ Club: The Secret Sauce of Remote and Virtual Collaboration

For more than 150 years the Industrial Revolution has been shaping our process-related work environment. Now that the Digital Transformation has reached us, everything changes and the silo becomes the dark side of the force. Linear and hierarchical work seems to be over. Ads on TV invite you to work from a Caribbean island while your boss is sweating in the office.

Expressions like “New Work”, “Agile” or “Managing for Happiness” are popping up and shaping new work behaviours. The keynote “The secret sauce of Remote and Virtual collaboration” of Jens Bothmer covers the current status and megatrend of Collaboration. It features the challenges of mechanical turk workers, collaborators as well as new software tools. The resulting question would be: Is it all blessing or just spreading like weed?

15th March 2017
17:30 PM – 20:30 PM

Merck Innovation Center

Frankfurter Str. 250
Building A 160
Darmstadt, Germany

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