Innovationsberatung Frankfurt Design Thinking

So, What Is Design Thinking?

  • A way to take on design challenges by applying empathy?
  • An approach to collective problem solving?
  • A framework to balance needs and feasibility?
  • A means to solve complex or wicked problems?
  • A mind-set for curiosity and inquiry?
  • A fixed process and a tool kit?
  • A problem-solving approach to handle problems on a systems level?
  • A culture that fosters exploration and experimentation?
  • A design buzzword to suggest that designers can do more than just design?
  • A management buzzword sold as the next strategic tool?

The answer to all is, “Yes, and more!” Here is the definition of design thinking: Design thinking is the search for a magical balance between business and art, structure and chaos, intuition and logic, concept and execution, playfulness and formality, and control and empowerment.

published at Hubspot from and Written by Idris Mootee.

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