Being part of the Business Modell Generation #bmgen

Last week I had the honour to be invited as a supporter for the masterclass of the Business Model Canvas in London. At the conference I was in charge to ensure that the organization of the event becomes a success. Interacting with the participants and moderators, hearing the feedback and organizing the different methods were a nice job. The two days at The Yard in London were very intensive and even for me a mind-blowing inspiration.

The ratio between lectures, practical work, films and citations of world known innovation driving personalities couldn’t have been better. Material and templates were organized very well. While Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur facilitated 100 participants with innovation methods from their book The Business Modell Generation and The Value Proposition Design we supported the participants with practical tips and hint how to work with the different tasks and innovation formats. A premiere was the introduction of the Culture Map to the one hundered participants.

Furthermore Alex and Yves applied innovation methods from Design Thinking, Blue Ocean and Lean Startup. Again it was fascinating to see how powerful the application of each innovation method is and what the experience for the participants working with these format can cause. Once more it confirmed to me that developing results even with a group of 100 participants is possible by using the right tools and a professional moderation.

You live and learn. Thus the important learning for me from this two day innovation tour was that it is quiet individual how to deal with the business model canvas. Not only that there are three different levels of application like “The Beginners”, “The Masters” and “The Invincible” but there are also different types of how to design new business models and what kind of model you intend to develop. Use color coding, iterated business models, step by step storytelling, variations of business models, constrained business models or software to quickly have evidence of your assumptions not only on the value proposition but also on the financial numbers.

With all practical examples and valuable tips & tools this event is a kind of mandatory connecting all dots for a successful business model.

Thank you


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