Change Days Berlin: Kill Monkey Work and collabroate in a better way at digital workplace

Kill monkey work with the Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace as a virtual space increases the speed of growing. Remote Work and new business collaboration pop up every day. Messaging Apps, Videoconferencing or realtime collaboration are becoming a commodity. The area of collaboration solutions is steadily growing. It even will accelerate by the hype of artificial intelligence.

But what about us humans?

Are we willing and be able to react quickly enough to the upcoming changes in the way we communicate? Is there a need to wean off email? What are the rules to cope with these new trends? What is the difference to conventional meetings and workshops? And should we act the same way as we have done in the past? A paradigm shift is on the way!

Jens Bothmer will present live experiments and showcases on the new digital workplace at the Change Days in Berlin. He focuses on new behaviors of communication. Participants will experience live performances of how to adapt and behave to the changes in digital communication. Valuable but old paradigms are no more valid anymore. In an entertaining way, Jens encourages you to rethink existing paradigms and vividly depicts the challenges that humans experience in the face of the digital workplace.

Save the Date for Change Days Berlin 2019 Nov 4th + 5th in Berlin

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